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週一, 19 六月 2017 12:19


球迷會十五周年慶祝活動暨足總盃決賽派對完滿落幕,再次多謝各位球迷朋友的支持。更要特別鳴謝兩位前阿仙奴球星羅倫 Lauren 和 般莫迪 Boa Morte 的到場,令我們的活動生色不少。兩位都大讚香港的球迷熱情,亦將當晚派對的片段放到自己的社交網站Twitter。

Our 15th anniversary celebration cum FA Cup Final screening party has come to an end. We would like to once again thank you all for your continuous support. May we also take this opportunity to express our fondest gratitude to former Arsenal stars Lauren and Boa Morte for gracing our event. Both speak highly of our Hong Kong Gooners and indeed posted about the event on their own Twitter.

球迷會有幸在他們今晚離港前邀得 #invincible 不敗右閘 Lauren 在我們的大合照上簽名。希望下次再有機會接待他們和邀請他們跟球迷見面互動。

Thanks also Lauren for signing our group photo before his departure tonight. It's truly our honour. Hope we'll be able to receive them again in future.

Highlights of the event could be downloaded at-
 也藉此獻上當晚的精華Part two -

[Part one: https://www.facebook.com/ASCHongKong/posts/1735158159834636]

See you all next season! And more silverwares to come!

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